The Space Spotlight: Your Weekly Guide to the Universe (#001)

Welcome to the premiere of our new weekly series at, where we aim to cast light on the captivating cosmos. 

Each week, we will journey through the infinite reaches of space to bring you the most thrilling, thought-provoking, and transformational happenings from the final frontier.
From the latest in technological advancements and scientific discoveries to mind-bending phenomena and awe-inspiring visuals, this series will be your gateway to the universe beyond our blue marble. 

Whether you’re a seasoned astronomer, a space enthusiast, or a casual stargazer, there’s always something to discover in our incredible universe. 

Published: Friday, 04th August 2023

The New ISS 

Airbus and Voyager Space announce groundbreaking Joint Venture!

Airbus and Voyager Space are teaming up to build and operate Starlab, a cutting-edge commercial space station set to succeed the International Space Station. 

This transatlantic collaboration brings together world-class leaders in space exploration, ensuring continued US and European cooperation in space. 

Starlab will serve as a hub for global space agencies and researchers, solidifying the human presence in low-Earth orbit. 

This game-changing venture marks a major step towards the future of commercial space destinations. 

Although the paywalled (Financial Times) comment by Airbus Defence and Space executive Mike Schoellhorn, that there are other ways to bolt on extra selling points.
“Don’t forget about dual use, military use of space stations as well. If you put all that together we are pretty confident,” raised an eyebrow.

Talking of raising an eyebrow… 

Dominance, Global Alarms, and Unmatched Power…

Elon Musk’s Starlink: 

Get ready to explore the awe-inspiring world of Starlink, Elon Musk’s satellite internet technology that is raising global alarms. 

This tech billionaire’s brainchild has become the undisputed powerhouse in the realm of satellite internet, revolutionizing connectivity across the globe. 

What’s just as captivating are the stunning graphics within the article.

Join us on a journey through the skies as we delve into the remarkable influence and controversial impact of Starlink, ℅ NYT.

What are your thoughts?

Unleash the Universe at Your Fingertips! 

NASA Launches Beta Site with On-Demand Streaming & App Update: 

NASA is revolutionizing its digital platforms, unveiling a cutting-edge beta website, an exciting on-demand streaming service called NASA+, and an upgraded NASA app. 

With enhanced accessibility, captivating original content, and user-friendly features, this dynamic experience offers an immersive journey into space exploration, research, and innovation. 

Join the cosmic adventure and explore the cosmos like never before! Discover the wonders of NASA’s missions, climate data, Artemis updates, and more.

And if you needed any more good news, the new service will be free. 

(Safety) Hats off to ESA and the Aeolus Satellite Team!

This site contains an ever-growing number of articles about Space Debris – we wish for the day we don’t even have to mention the subject.

But in the meantime, well done to Team Aeolus at ESA for the assisted re-entry of the satellite.

Here are two tweets to give you an idea of both the size of the problem and a simulation of Aeolus’ controlled re-entry and burn-up.

Psst. Aeolus was the name of the Greek God of the Winds. 

Dino Devastation Asteroid 

18 Million+ views – I can see why!

Truth be told, when this video started and I saw it was a simple animation, I very nearly didn’t continue to watch it. I’m so pleased I didn’t listen to myself! 

In this captivating YouTube video, titled “The Day the Dinosaurs Died – Minute by Minute,” Kurzgesagt takes us on a minute-by-minute journey back 66 million years ago when an asteroid’s impact forever changed the course of Earth’s history. 

The video vividly describes the catastrophic event, from the asteroid’s approach to its violent collision with Earth, unleashing unimaginable destruction and altering the planet’s ecosystem. 

Through stunning visuals and engaging narration, the video explains how this fateful day marked the end of the dinosaurs’ era and paved the way for the rise of new life forms, including our own. 

It serves as a thought-provoking reminder of the fragility of continuity and the potential consequences of our actions on Earth’s delicate balance.

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