The Space Spotlight: Your Weekly Guide to the Universe (#002)

A friend asked this week 

“What qualifies for the “Weekly Guide to the Universe”?”

Good question!

As I delve deep into all things Space each week, I’m ever conscious that many (most) of my friends don’t share the same depth of passion. 

Sure, they’re interested, but peripheral to the enormity of everything else going on in their lives. 

They’ll read, watch, or chat about space if they’ve got time, but it’s by no means a priority (although many feel it should be).

So, over the last few months, I’ve sent out links to videos, articles, short-form books, etc, that I think they 

  • might like, 
  • might be easily digested, 
  • might help them feel informed, or give them pause for thought 

– and do you know what, it’s worked a charm!

So, that’s the qualifier for this weekly news edition: would I send this to a friend who isn’t a space geek?

If the answer is yes, then you’ll find the article, book, video, etc, below.

Happy reading! – and don’t miss out on the last offering below – WOW!

1. How It Unfolds – James S.A. Corey – Book (Fiction – 38 pages, short read)

Historically, I’ve not read fiction since my childhood years, and despite being an avid reader, it still remains a very small percentage of the reading material I consume.
But when “How it Unfolds” by James S.A. Corey (pen name for award-winning duo, Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck) of the celebrated “The Expanse” series popped up as a recommendation, and I noted it was just 38 pages long, I thought I’d stick my nose in.

I’m so pleased I did!
Whilst the romantic element was somewhat lost on me, the premise of human exploration throughout the Universe was fabulous!

If you’re a Kindle fan, look out for this popping up as a 99-cent offer.

2. Space Debris, Country by Country – Graphic

Visual is a website that grabs my attention with more consistency than most, and they’ve just published this superb graphic (with notes below graphic) of how much Space Debris is attributed to which country… 

Tip: If you want to do a further deep-dive, scroll to the bottom of the article and tap on any tag that gets your attention. 

3. Moon Base – the First 10,000 Days – YouTube (10-minutes)

This is so good that I was sharing it with friends before I’d even reached the end.

I think what frequently fascinates me about videos like this, is that right here and now we’re already doing things that have the potential to contribute to this being a reality, and that’s mind-blowing.

4. Sounds of Space – Website

The final offering for this week, and yes, my favourite. Perhaps because books, videos, graphics, etc. are cool, but they’re also numerous. But this … this is something else!

Sound recordings from the likes of NASA, ESA, etc of

  • a comet passing a spacecraft,
  • the solar wind of Mercury,
  • radio waves of Venus.

Just wow!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s collection.

You can now find on Twitter X  – please feel free to connect and let us know which was your favourite this week.

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