The Space Spotlight: Your Weekly Guide to the Universe (#003)

Welcome back to the 3rd edition of our weekly round-up at Space Spotlight, where we serve up the most captivating and accessible space news for everyone — whether you’re a seasoned space buff or a casual stargazer. Our cosmic collection is bursting with fresh insights, fascinating finds, and whimsical wonders, perfect for adding a bit of stardust to your day.

First, get up-close and personal with asteroids as they whisk by Earth — no telescope required! NASA’s ingenious asteroid dashboard is here to show you the way, and it’s got us hooked. Even if you don’t know a meteorite from a meteor, you’ll be captivated by these cosmic close encounters.

Next, unleash your inner space fan with some interstellar swag! We’ve ventured into the vast online universe to curate a collection of stellar space T-shirts that are sure to delight. Share your favorite cosmic couture with us on Twitter and join the space fashion revolution!

Unravel the mystery of Saturn’s iconic rings with a mesmerizing video that combines stunning visuals with infectious enthusiasm. Dive into the captivating story of how the planet’s iconic rings formed and get swept away by the allure of the cosmos.

Join us on a journey through time as we explore a decades-old debate that still echoes through the cosmos. With the James Webb Space Telescope detecting a mysterious phenomenon, it’s a reminder that the universe is full of surprises and our quest for understanding is ever-evolving.

So buckle up, dear readers, and join us for another exciting foray into the cosmos — where the ordinary becomes extraordinary and the mysteries of space are just waiting to be uncovered.

And don’t miss our final offering for this week. “Inspiring” doesn’t get close.


This Asteroid Dashboard is Genius! – Website

Hats off to the NASA marketing soul who thought to present this “passing near Earth” asteroid dashboard in such an inviting manner!

Definitely one for our non-Space Geek friends!


Space-Themed T-Shirts – Website

Screenshot –

There’s no shortage of Space paraphernalia out there. 

Now that we’ve got that understatement for 2023 out of the way … we might have popped into our Search Bar 

RedBubble Space T-shirt

And spent a very happy few minutes adding (extensively) to our ‘Favourites’ list.

(Please let us know on Twitter, uh, X, what your favourite Go To for Space attire is!)


How Saturn Got Its Rings – Video

I don’t know what I love more – the graphics and story, or the Scientists’ enthusiasm! 

It’s less than 7-minutes long, and we can’t imagine anyone not being a little fascinated by this.



James Webb Has Detected a Mysterious Phenomenon in Space – Video

Screenshot – RIDDLE Channel – YouTube

I recall, years ago (2013 – gosh, ten years ago!), sitting down to lunch, and beside me was a gentleman who had trained in aeronautical engineering. It was the first time we had met, although we had a swathe of mutual friends, many of them at that table.

On discovering his background, I asked him what his take was on the ever-growing rumbles in the Space and Science communities that the theory of “The Big Bang” was starting to fall apart. 

He looked at me and, with an interesting combination of patronization and arrogance, dismissed the conversation and me.
I wonder if he remembers.
I do.


Stephen Hawking’s Last Inspiring Message To Humanity Before He Passed – Video

Just watch. Just wow.

3.02 minutes to change your day – and from that, maybe your life.
Couldn’t not share. 

A short speech that would probably benefit us listening 302 times +

Thank you, Dr Hawking.

Thanks for reading this week’s round-up! 

Please note we’re taking a ‘half-holiday’ until the end of August, so anticipate fewer articles for the next fortnight, although we will still be sharing this series.

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