The Space Spotlight: Your Weekly Guide to the Universe (#006)

With autumn’s creeping arrival in the Northern Hemisphere, what better time to delve into a universe of knowledge, creativity, and inspiration about space? 

In this edition of The Space Spotlight: Your Weekly Guide to the Universe (#006), we’re journeying beyond our earthly bounds to discuss 

  • groundbreaking books, 
  • hidden gems in STEM, 
  • films that give us a front-row seat to history, 
  • and art that elevates our interiors to interstellar levels. 

So, grab a warm blanket, a cup of your favorite brew, and let’s blast off into a universe of captivating space-related content.

Mark Your Calendars: ‘A City on Mars’ is Landing Soon!

Featuring space farms, legal enigmas, and a dash of humor—discover why this upcoming release is topping my must-read list.

Scheduled for release on the 7th of November 2023, “A City on Mars: Can we settle space, should we settle space, and have we really thought this through?” tackles the big questions about humanity’s expansion into space. It delves into topics like the feasibility of space farms, the ethical dilemmas of space governance, and even the legal status of space cannibalism! 

Other reviewers have already referenced the deep expertise, deep humor, and captivating illustrations by Zach Weinersmith, all of which promise to ensure this book is an eye-opening and entertaining read. 

In the interim, I am still joyously scrapping for time to finish “The Furure of Geography: How Power and Politics in Space will Change Our World”
So far I’ve really enjoyed it (just over halfway through – interested to reach the last chapters which seem to have been contentiously received in some circles)

Don’t Miss This Hidden Gem: NASA’s Hubble Focus eBook Series

Spark your passion for STEM with this free, easily accessible resource—no matter where in the world you are.

I’m incredibly excited to share this find, especially knowing how STEM resources can be scarce in certain parts of the world. 

This could be the spark that fuels both passion and persistence: NASA’s Hubble Focus eBook series is freely accessible to anyone with an internet connection and the capability to download eBooks. 

While die-hard space enthusiasts and avid readers might already be in the loop, it’s easy to miss gems like this on NASA’s expansive website, especially with the James Webb Space Telescope stealing the spotlight these days.

Stream This Now: ‘First Man’ on Amazon Prime Video

Step into the Shoes of Neil Armstrong: An Eye-Opening Journey Beyond the Moonwalk

If you’re as captivated by space exploration as I am, then I’ve got a treat for you:
‘First Man’ is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video

Starring Ryan Gosling and directed by Damien Chazelle, this biographical drama unveils the life of Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon. 

I’ll admit, before watching this, I hadn’t read the book it’s based on and my knowledge of Armstrong was mostly confined to his famous moonwalk. 

This film opened my eyes in a big way. It’s not just about the landmark Apollo 11 mission; it dives deep into the emotional and personal sacrifices Armstrong made. 

For me, it was an eye-opening and absolutely compelling watch. Don’t miss it!

  • Image: Universal Studios

🌌 Discover the Cosmos with ‘Galaxy on Glass’ 🌌

I recently discovered a gem that I just have to share with you—Galaxy on Glass

This extraordinary website brings the marvels of deep space right into your home or office, all thanks to the incredible talent of astrophotographer Chris Baker.

🎨 Curated Collections to Adorn Your Space 🎨

Galaxy on Glass offers an array of dazzling collections to choose from, including the Chris Baker Collection, the JWST Collection, and a special Gallery Sale section. Imagine the walls of your future office adorned with these radiant celestial images; it would be nothing short of an inspiring atmosphere!

🖼️ Choose Your Perfect Piece 🖼️

The art comes in various exquisite formats to suit your taste and space—whether it’s a Framed Backlit piece, a Frameless Acrylic, Polished Aluminum, or a Fine Art Print. Plus, you can choose the size that fits just right.
Each limited-edition piece is meticulously crafted by Fine Art Printers to ensure the highest quality.

🌍 Shipped Globally, Crafted Locally 🌍

No matter where you’re located, Galaxy on Glass offers worldwide shipping, with all shipping costs clearly listed on each product page.

💥 Limited Time Offer: Catch the Stars at a Discount! 💥

And here’s the cherry on top: for this month only, enjoy a 15% discount across all images and media. Just use the code “SUMMER23” at checkout to grab this stellar deal.

📰 Stay in the Loop with the Newsletter 📰

If your appetite for the cosmic wonders is as insatiable as mine, do yourself a favor and subscribe to the Galaxy on Glass newsletter. You’ll get the latest space articles, new image releases, and exclusive offers sent straight to your inbox.

As the stars become more visible in the evening sky, I hope this edition of The Space Spotlight has likewise illuminated new ways to explore and appreciate the cosmos. 

Whether you’re just beginning your cosmic journey or you’re a seasoned space traveler, I trust you’ve found something here to inspire you, make you ponder, or simply enrich your love for space. 

Remember, the universe isn’t just out there; it’s a part of us, ingrained in our curiosity and wonder. So as you watch the nights draw in, don’t just look up; reach up, because space isn’t just the final frontier—it’s the next one. 

Until our next cosmic journey, clear skies and happy exploring!

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